Omeara is somewhere to be when you’re looking to be elsewhere. A sprawling foreign land with life and love in the fabric of its being.

A sponge of nocturnal happenings, it soaks up every first glance, fresh taste, every aural inauguration. It wears these happenings like textures, all mixed together and thus telling their own unique Omeara story because our stories are never truly just ours, they exist in this existence in the context of others. When one narrative ends another picks up, and, more often than that, a storyline is growing within a story who’s destination is somewhere else entirely. Omeara is overflowing with stories already and you being here will only add to the technicolor.

It was an idea that began in 2012, which grew into a dream and became a reality in 2016. Omeara will play host to all walks of life, all types of ridiculousness, all hours of the night. In fact, the night is when Omeara really comes to life, and there will be certain times of year when you’ll be able to catch the rising sun as you take flight and make your way into the great city of London, energised and hopeful.