With special guest Raf Rundell

Crate diggers and music nuts to the man, listening to the albums Fletcher and Parkin made as part of The Bees was always like staying up with a mate who had a mind-blowing record collection playing you all the best bits. It’s a spirit they’ve kept alive with 77:78. There might be similar cards involved, but the deck’s been shuffled and a different hand has been dealt with them. Cock an ear and there’s snatches of the fried, post sandbox loveliness of The Beach Boys’ Smiley Smile to be found; the clatter of King Tubby’s junkyard dub here and there; a little of the childlike playfulness of early Syd Barret and a gentle seabreeze of sublime West Coast harmonies blowing in. There’s even a bit of subtle disco groove pulsating within it.

At Omeara
Monday, 26th Mar

Price £12
Age 18+

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