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Borough Presents

Babydoublecup, Jaso Suave, atotalfraud and many many more

Experience a night like no other, filled with the UK’s next generation of underground musical talent. Featuring over 17+ live performances and Dj’s across multiple different music genres. From Techno & Rock to Experimental Hip Hop & Alt-Pop, there is sure to be something for everyone. Alongside the music, the “Borough.” Community is also known to be a meeting ground for some of London’s leading young creatives. A great place to meet and connect with like-minded individuals!  If you are a fan of the musical groups “Drain Gang” or “Opium”, expect a night culminating both aesthetics and sounds. Be sure not to miss out on this unique partying experience!

At Omeara
Saturday, 11th Feb - 12th Feb

Price £11.25
Age 18+

Coming Up

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