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SASS // Let’s Dance For Women

With Special Guest

Prepare to laugh, cry and boobie the night away. SASS intend to take you on a journey, with lumps and bumps along the way.

Join us for a night celebrating the Female form and everything it may entail!

The evening will present an exhibition of amazing art work, ranging from paintings to performances, all of which discuss ‘Female’ and everything it may involve. Later on there will be a selection of funky music from a wide range of genres, artists and DJs/VJs.

So… leave your inhibitions at the door, and come get in-vulva-ed! It’s sure to be the breast Woman’s day event in town!

And just because it’s all about the ladies doesn’t mean its a vagina only show, bring your tackle and ya glitter!

Friday, 10th Mar

Price £

Coming Up

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