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The Fleetwood Mac Disco Party

The One, The Only. Fleetwood Mac Disco Party!!

The One, The Only. Fleetwood Mac Disco Party!! Bringing you club nights dedicated to music from your favourite artists, this time, its FLEETWOOD MAC. This is the ultimate tribute party for all Fleetwood Mac Fans.

This is a club night dedicated to songs that have been written by our all time favourites, Fleetwood, played by your favourite Tribute Disco DJs. Everywhere, Little Lies, Dream, Don’t Stop, Go Your Own Way…. THE LIST IS ENDLESS. We’ll be playing full music from all of the Fleetwood Mac Albums. Not just the bangers, so come and join us on a journey!!

Please note, this is a tribute club night. Fleetwood Mac will not be present, however we will be playing Fleetwood Mac songs for the majority of the evening. Because we blooooooooomin love them! See less

At Omeara
Saturday, 14th Aug - 15th Aug

Price £7-£15
Age 18+

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