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The South London Soul Train

With Fat Brass Band (Live)

Your host with the absolute most JAZZHEADCHRONIC joined by superior sonic heads and positive brass maniacs FAT BRASS BAND (LIVE) - If Brass covers is your thing, then get ready to get your mind, body and soul melded as FBB serve up a dance floor direct live brass band set, exploring everything from Skepta to Gorillaz via Shy FX, Tinie Tempa and beyond.

Part of our ongoing mission to move your mind & body + force feed yoh soul with the absolute best of times at The South London Soul Train.
Prepare to dance well harder y’all!!!

ROOM 1 - FAT BRASS BAND (LIVE) Band on stage at midnight
Fat Brass are an explosive lip-splitting brass tour de force that flip samples from the very bottom of the crate, be it a DJ Premier instrumental or a N*E*R*D B-side. Composed of the creme-de-la-creme of up-and-coming horn players and drummers, the band seamlessly blends into one giant wall of sound that you can hear coming across the horizon way before you spot the trumpet bells glinting in the sunshine.
Bottom line is, this band are red hot good people + we truly can’t wait to witness them demolish The South London Soul Train Live Stage.

Then in ROOM 2 - Time to let the funk mercilessly flow. Jazzcotech warrior PERRY LOUIS + the legendary AITCH B here to deliver the news on vinyl.
The scoop - funk is alive and livin on 45. Eruption time, as the rare grooves keep flowing and prime cuts of funk and soul are once again truly delivered live, hard and direct to the dancefloor. Beware the soul shrapnel as the dancefloors went BOOM!!

ROOM 3 - The South London Soul Train 3 room line up completed by Hawaiian Bop host, retrolicious DJ and rare 45 super sharp shooter RICHIO SUZUKI, who’ll be taking you on an epic strictly vinyl journey through 50’s R N’ B, 60’s Soul & Motown, Vintage Ska & Latin from the love side. Aloha baby!
Release yourselves!

The South London Soul Train (as always) all rooms, taking, all passengers on a Non-Stop Magical Mystery Tour through all things Too Damn Funky. P-Funk to Jazz Funk, Soul Jazz to Rare Groove N’ Stax, Brass, Breaks, Bop and Hop to Motown, Club Classics and Anthems. However - Passengers are requested to check their Souls at the Station as this one’s for good time party people only! No Bass Wobbles Here, Only Love, Funk and Souuuuuuuul.

At Omeara
Saturday, 22nd Jan - 23rd Jan

Price £15
Age 18+

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