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Reopening Statement

We believe in the freedom of choice, and that all who walk through our venue doors choose how best to reintegrate being in a busy room full of people. We will not be insisting on masks being worn nor that vaccination passports are provided for entry to Omeara unless the current guidelines are changed.

We do, however, politely ask that you respect each other’s personal precautions and preferences. You might not want to wear a mask anymore, but the person standing close-by might feel more comfortable wearing one, and vice versa. Please respect each other’s decisions, and look after one another.

Our shows are a congregation of people of different beliefs and opinions, all converging with a shared passion for live music. Each one of those opinions is as valid as the next, so please refrain from sharing or forcing your personal opinion on others if it isn’t asked for (and it won’t be).

It’s been a long, fraught sixteen months. We’ve missed you and we cannot wait to see you all back in our venues very soon. Live music has suffered. Let’s show it, and each other, some love, respect and human kindness.

Thank you.


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